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Erotic Art

SEXY gives its firmest support to artists and erotic art, and the creativity shown by artists with a very special way of understanding life and the reality that forms part of sex.
SEXY intends to offer a showcase to the world for all artists who have feelings to express, ideas to propose and in general, everything related to "sex culture"

Rui Carruço  
Rui CarruçoRui Carruço Carruço was born in 1976 in Lisbon. He led an academic life in the field of Exact Sciences until he decided to dedicate himself completely to Painting. He took several art courses in galleries and schools and attended the atelier of the Master António Sem. In 2004, he finished a Renaissance painting course at Angel Academy of Arts in Florence. Currently, he's attending a sculpture school and learning more about this art. Though his artistic production verses a lot of themes and styles, his most original works belong to a phase he named sinuosity, which shows the influence of his passionate themes from Physics, like the curved space and the perpetual motion.  

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